The Run Away Dad

Have you ever wanted to run away?!? To just disappear and leave everything behind you?

I’ve been so excited to post this story because it’s pretty mind-blowing and crazy.

So here’s what happened…

So I was on the train from Pomona to Union Station in Los Angeles a few months back while travelling in California. I was sitting there munching on a corn cob that I had cooked in my friend’s oven a few hours earlier. The guy across from me watched intently, seeming particularly interested in what I was eating. I took the odd peak across to suss out what he was like… not feeling a 100% comfortable to be honest.

He had a strange looking beard that included a moustache and goatie and was wearing a baseball style green cap with a black singlet showing of his shoulder tattoos and tough looking necklace… well kind of.

After 20 minutes or so of staring (with intermittent breaks), he finally leaned across his seat toward mine and interrupted me, asking where I got the corn from.

I giggled and explained that I had cooked it in my friend’s oven, covered it in foil and packed it in my bag for the road (creative I know). He was impressed and also disappointed that he couldn’t get one as well.


Next thing I ended up in a full-blown conversation with Chris (his name for the purpose of this story). So Chris mainly just spoke and I listened. The chat mostly involved him telling me all this crazy stuff about his life and what he was up to. 

lso when you first say Chris in brackets straight after you should say for the purpose of this story let’s call him Chris bit rather than at the end of the sentence I think

Chris started by telling me he had been hitchhiking his way across the country… from MICHIGAN!! Let’s just point out that Michigan is 2,252 miles (3,624 kilometres) from Los Angeles. He explained that he had been on the road for six months, hitchhiking and working for money wherever he could. He had decided he was fed up with all the b***s*** going on in his life that he decided to sell all his stuff and disappear.

Why would he leave you ask?

So Chris explained that he had 12 daughters… yep 12… to 6 different women! I know right?!? He said that while most of his ’baby mama’s’ weren’t too bad, a couple of them were a pain in the a**. He said that he’d been working for 17 years and was sick of paying child support for his kids, as well as his baby muma’s always asking for more money.

Finally, fed up with it all, he up and left. Leaving his house, his job, his daughters… everything.

He didn’t want to be found so he’d got rid of all his technology, including his phone! The only thing he carried was a battery operated clock so he could keep track of the time.

Chris mentioned that he carries his mum’s number around on a piece of paper so he gets random people to call her and let her know that he’s on a certain highway and that he’s alive.

Chris was travelling around with a backpack, a sleeping bag and a pillow that someone had given him along the way. He also carried a few clothes and a sign saying “I work for money.” Here’s a picture of the gear he was travelling with.

IMG_3763 2

It gets better…

He continued telling me about his crazy adventures until we finally arrived at Union Station. He had been desperately trying to get to LA so he could visit Google and ask them to shut down his Gmail account because someone had hacked into it and were stealing his identity.

The only problem with this was that Chris thought Google was in LA when in fact they are actually in San Francisco… so he hadn’t quite made it yet (oops).

Despite this setback, he was over the moon with excitement that he had finally made it to California and he could get himself to the beach.

I continued to hear more about Chris’ crazy shenanigans for the rest of the trip to Union station in LA. One of his bizarre stories involved a Filipino woman asking him to marry her (huh?!?).

He shared his dreams of jumping on a random boat and travelling to Australia despite the fact that he didn’t have a passport. He then started rattling off all the overseas places he’d love to travel to… without a passport of course.

It finally ends…

When we finally arrived at the station (it was a looong trip.. well at least it felt like it), Chris asked for help to figure out how he could get to the beach. Of course he wanted the cheapest possible option so I walked him to the closest bus stop and explained which bus he needed to catch to get to Santa Monica beach.

He gratefully thanked me for the help and shook my hand, introducing himself with what he assured me was his real name (which he didn’t often tell people).

I left the interaction a little confused and unsure of how I felt… I mean I guess I was more fascinated than anything… Like how does someone end up with 12 daughters??? This one still puzzles me each time I think about it!

I have to say I’m not sure how much truth there was to his story – I tend to be a little gullible sometimes, but he was definitely convincing and entertaining either way.

So here’s my life lesson learnt: Some decisions you make last a lifetime. Make sure you learn from your mistakes so you don’t end up running away from it all if it becomes too much. Also, use protection!

Anyway, thank you for reading and I hope you found this story entertaining if anything.

While you’re here, stick around and check out my other blog posts… I’m starting to get a decent collection up now!

Until next time,

aLarkin Abroad


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