Why everyone should travel

Before I recorded the following video, I asked my friends Emily & Toby to define travel, they looked at me with perplexed and blank faces… it’s kind of hard to define right?!?
So I did what any normal person in my generation would do… I googled it… I opened up my trusty iPhone and typed “Define travel” into Google… Of course a very logical explanation came up…
        Travel is to “make a journey, typically of some length.”
…So true right? Travel is about adventure… To me it means freedom and having new experiences outside of your normal day-to-day life.
For some people this means a week long holiday or vacation to another city, and to others this means months or years on an adventure around the world.
Whatever travel means to you, I think that EVERYONE should travel.
The following video goes into more detail about why I love travel, how I feel when I travel and some of the things I have gained from travel over the years.
When people ask if I have travelled enough, one of my favourite things to explain is that the more you see the more you realise there is to see – so it’s neverending!!
Incase you hadn’t picked up on it yet, my point in all of this is that EVERYONE SHOULD TRAVEL (I guess it’s obvious cause that’s the title of this post). It provides a priceless opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, have new experiences, meet incredible people and grow as a person.

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