Why on earth would you travel the US?!? The reason why I travel the United States (and love it)!

So this is a topic I am particularly passionate about so I decided to create a vlog for this post. No additional explanation needed right?!?

As a summary, the following lists the six key reasons that I talk about in the video (btw – apologies for all the hand gestures)!

  1. The people – they’re friendly, grateful and have an inspiring enthusiasm for life
  2. The diversity (of culture, climate, landscapes and people)
  3. The destinations – New York City, Las Vegas, Chicago, the beautiful beaches of California and MANY more!
  4. They love foreigners & are interested in other people
  5. They have a strong focus on research and are fascinated by how things work
  6. Google maps works SO WELL

Thank you for watching and reading! Happy travels,

aLarkin Abroad x

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