You’re doing what?!?

I’m so excited to share my travel adventures that I’ve decided to commit to uploading a new post to aLarkin Abroad every week 🗓 

Every fortnight will be an ‘article type’ post about travel and the off-week will be a story about people I’ve met along my travels, including my takeaway lesson. 

Today I’d like to share the story of two totally crazy but incredible American girls I met this week, Maria & Claire! 

So here goes… I woke early on Wednesday morning to watch the sunrise from Lovers Point at Pacific Grove (just to clarify – I had no company with me, although it would be a pretty cool place to take a loved one). I snapped a few incredible pictures of the sunrise over the Monterey Bay area (there’s an amazing one with a palm tree on my Instagram page) before relaxing on a bench to breathe in the fresh air & soak up the morning sun (picture below).


Out of the corner of my eye, towards the end of the cliff, I noticed two people laying down & entirely covered in sleeping bags. There were two bicycles close by them with gear attached.

I sat a while and waited to see what was going on, assuming they were a homeless couple who chose that spot to sleep for the night.

Before long, the first one uncovered themself, with the second one following her shortly after. I was blown away to realise it was two twenty-something year old girls who had been lying there 😲

I was way too curious not to find out more so I slowly etched my way over to say hi and ask them what they were up to. With their faces & body covered in dust, they explained that they were riding their bicycles along the coast from Berkeley to Big Sur in California. They were riding throughout the day and finding a random place along the way to sleep at night. Minimum budget, maximum adventure. How badass & crazy cool is that?!? They shared that they had done a similar trip a while back and decided to spend a week having a ‘reunion trip’.

I was so totally blown away by their love for the outdoors & their sense of adventure! They seemed like two fearless (and crazy) young girls doing it on their own. So inspiring!!

After a great chat, the girls kindly let me take a few pictures of them to share on my blog. Here’s one of my favourites ❤️

So here’s my takeaway lesson for this story…

…Never be afraid to do something crazy… & don’t worry about getting a little ‘dirty’ – it’s all part of the adventure!


So there you have it, my first story of the many inspiring people I’ve met along my travels. I hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to sharing more stories with you. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, I’d love to hear from you. Stay tuned for more stories and happy travels!

aLarkin Abroad 🛫❤️



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